Sneak Peak Into Criminal Tendencies

Discover a refreshing method of writing, where the main character is speaking to the reader. Feel what Sal feels and understand his thoughts and actions. You have never met anyone like Sal Luzani.

Chapter Two

The First Run-in With the Mob. Sample Page Views.

Chapter Four

Time to die on Welfare Island. Sample Page Views.

Chapter Seven

Time To Go To War. Sample Page Views.

Chapter Eleven

Wanted By the FBI. Sample Page Views.

Just Released

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About the author

Steve Stanley

Steve is a serial entrepreneur with 35+ years of business experience. He has authored over 1700 marketing articles and his work has been published in many Top Tier Media publications. Criminal Tendencies is his debut Non-Fiction Novel. It has become the first book in the Criminal Tendencies Series. Steve has a refreshing writing style that makes the reader feel they are part of the story.

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